November 26, 2017

Recap 17

Bowlstock 2017 – Three day festival with International top skaters and super epic bands

Could Bowlstock get better? Apparently it was possible. The skaters were better, we had some of the world’s top podium bowl skaters visit us this year, and the competition got radder than ever before, The weather was fine late summer sunshine, with some morning showers to keep us on our toes. Three days of insane ripping from pros, legends, juniors and females in all classes, not forgetting world championships in Banked slalom plus Freestyle, was the best skate entertainment of the summer in Stockholm. Then we had some insane bands as well, to top off the weekend. Big thanks to all that helped out with this volunteer event! Big love to everyone who came to Bowlstock 2017, and kept the vibe as fun and friendly as always. Welcome back next year!
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Behold some eye candy from 2017:

Kalle Berglind (SWE) won Bowlstock in ’16. Was back again ’17, and just got knocked down to a rad 2nd. We hope to see Kalle back again in ’18! Photo by Dave Östlund for Sweet/Junkyard.


Ivan Federico (ITA) Pro winner of Bowlstock 17. Pic: Martin Willners

The results from 2017.

The girls were radder that ever, and more than ever too! Fanny Winberg, Glitterninjorna, Varberg Pic: Martin Willners

The Juniors came in droves, and man did they rip! Here is Calle Öjert from Stockholm. Pic: Martin Willners

Bowlstock organizer Uffe Andersson participating in the Masters class.

More masters: Lasse Punk in pink. Pic: Martin Willners.

Hans Puttis Jacobsson, still a pro at 50, taking one of the top spots in Masters. Pic Per Moritz

Ivan Federico. Pic: Niclas Svensson.

Jocke Olsson, legendary Swedish ripper, when he’s not at Vans Pool Party or X-Games, he’s at Bowlstock. Here competing for a top spot in Masters. Pic: Staffan Rennermalm

Strindberg Som Tortyr, the Bowlstock house band. Solid punks with hearts of gold, saved us by bringing in their amps, since the ones we had rented sucked.

Hadestrand VS. Gailitis, duelling off in the Banked Slalom World Championship.

Jouni Lauronen, always on the podium in Bowlstock Masters, Pic: Emil Toumisto.

Swedish Tiger Sound with 3rd time Bowlstock performer Patrik Arve, one of the best party bands in Sweden! Pic: Niclas Svensson

Ivan Federico. Pic_ Emil Tuomisto.

Kalle Berglind- Pic: Ulrika By

Kalle Berglind being shot by Dave Östlund. Pic: Niclas Svensson

Simon Karlsson, Stockholm, Bowlstock winner 2015, 4th 2017. 1st 2018? Pic; Martin Willners

Björn Lindström, probably the Stockholm ripper with the biggest trick bag, always ripping at Bowlstock, Pic: Emil Tuomisto.

We can’t get enough of this Italian ripper. Pic; Staffan Rennermalm

Ivan by Martin Willners

Fas 3 feat Arve, Jörgen M Andersson and Joppe Pihlgren doing a cover of “Skateboard” by Magnum Bonum had all old rippers singing along to a classic (sorta) from the ’70’s. What an end to an awesome day.