June 2, 2015


Bowlstock 2016 is growing into a full weekend skateboard festival August 5-7.

We have very exciting news for 2016. We have teamed up with Betongcupen, Sweden’s largest national skateboard competition series, and Bowlstock will become one of the five stops of Betongcupen. This means the bowl skateboard competition will draw top skaters from all of Sweden + international guests.

We have also teamed up with Eurocana Summer Camp, who will host, and participate in the Legends Sessions in Bowlstock. Eurocana is a celebration of the Skateboard Summer Camps held in Sweden in the 1970’s, where legends like Steve Caballero, Alan Ollie Gelfand, Stacy Peralta and Tony Hawk, to name a few, were coaches.

There will be an international Freestyle Skateboarding Competition, more details added later.

There will be a Ditch-Slalom Competition, more details added later.

No bands are clear yet, but we hope for as big, and bigger names this year.

The City of Stockholm are our first sponsor for 2016. We love Stockholm!

Good to know: The Scandinavian countries are presenting a very interesting August for skaters: Bowlstock August 5-7, CPH PRO the weekend after, (Copenhagen Denmark), and then the weekend around Aug 20th, there is Vans Pro Park World Championships in Malmoe, Sweden.

























Text about Bowlstock 2015:

Bowlstock is a bowl skateboard competition / music festival / event held for the first time in Highvalley Skateworld, Högdalen, Stockholm, Aug 22nd 2015. The event is arranged by skateboarders to bring world class skating to Stockholm and promote skateboarding to the general public. The idea comes from a trip to California where we visited a bowl competition as well as a ”pool party” at the legendary Pink Motel, where live bands played poolside during a skate jam session.

Bowlstock is meant to be a yearly event, and the goal is to make it a world class skateboarding competition, bringing the best skateboarders in the world to Srockholm. We also aim to bring musical artists who are also involved in skating from other countries, to Bowlstock in the coming years. We have gotten some support from Stockholm City (IDF) already our first year, which is excellent news in our work to establish Bowlstock as a truly unique, yearly event.

We had two sponsors for our Prize purse for the skaters: Marshall (main sponsor), who took care of the artists, and all sound, stage etc. Marshall brought in their backstage doubledecker bus, plus their own stage, complete with amplifiers and even stage lights! Hollywood.se also sponsored us, and were represented with a tent selling clothes and skate gear. Thanks to our sponsors!

Other exhibitors were: Evil Eye Tattoo, Skull Boardshop, Skateprylar.se, Doctrine Skateboards, Coyote Boardstore, Firesign.se, Klas.se, Piston Cult Motorcycles. Other partners are Vert.nu, (Chief judge and MC/referee) and WESC who sponsored with sound for the DJ (Denis Sopovic) as well as swag for the skaters during the Live Jam. Stockholm Suburban Surfers are the organization which got Highvalley built, so SSS are also involved in Bowlstock.

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