August 16, 2015

2019 Schedule:

2018 Results

Schedule for Bowlstock 2018


We have a hotel close by. Prices around 100 euro/night including breakfast for 2 or 3 persons.

Read article (swe) about Bowlstock 2017 (with video) 

Bands will play during warmup runs, and after the qualifications. There will be Ghost Jams while the bands are playing, where skaters doing the raddest/sickest/hottest tricks get prices from a Bowlstock Crew member who will hand over a skateboard deck, or other swag from our Swag Sponsors WESC, Disagree, Skull Boardstore, Doctrine Skates, so far.

Saturday Aug 6: The big day, this is where the qualified riders for Betongcupen and Eurocana Legends will battle it out in the bowls all day until the evening.
Ditch Slalom World Championship pt 1 – Competition will take place in the +300 foot ditch, (+100 m) organized by Corky from Coyote Grind Lounge. (Pt 2 is held the following weekend)
Stockholm Freestyle Finals over at the Freestyle Area.
Bands will play during warmup runs, and after the finals are over.

Sunday Aug 7th: Backup day if the weather is bad on Friday or Saturday, or if there is some other delay in the schedule.

All times are suggestions, and are subject to change.

Bands and Artists 2016: It is time for our present and considering sponsors to make sure we get a large prize purse, as well as can bring in some awesome bands, and skate stars from USA, or perhaps even Brazil.

This is the OLD schedule for Bowlstock 2015:

9-10: Registrations for those who have not signed up online (where positions are available)

10.00-11.00 Juniors qualifications. 3 maximum 45 sec runs per skater. 6 are selected for the Junior finals. Winner gets Wild Card to Super Final “Ragnarök”. Meeting w the Juniors before contest to decide where they will skate. middle, lower, upper part? (Juniors are up to 16 years)

11.00-12.00 Female qualifications. 3 maximum 45 sec runs per skater. 6 are selected for the Female final. Winner gets Wild Card to Super final “Ragnarök”. There has been request for the Upper part.

12:00-14:00 Pro/Am Qualifications (Male/Female): One presentation run, then jam session 4-6 in every heat, 6 are selected for Super Final “Ragnarök”.

14:00-14:45 Legends, winner selected here, no final. Winner gets Wild Card to Super final “Ragnarök”. 4-6 in every heat

15:00-17:00 Finals ending up in Super Final “Ragnarök” with 6 Pro/Am + 3 Wild Cards, winners from other classes. Ragnarök will be a jam session (all finalists can drop in at any time).

Prize Money:

40 000 Skr.

For 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the different classes we have these rules:

Class Junior (Boy/Girl) Prize money: 2 500, 1 000, 750 skr
Class Pro/Am: (Male/Female)Prize money: 12 000, 6 000, 3 000 skr
Class Female: Prize money: 6 000, 3 000, 1 500 skr
Class Legend: (45+) Prize Money: 2 500, 1 000, 750 skr
Also, winner of  Female, Junior and Legend gets Wild Card to the Pro/Am super final “Ragnarök”. (6+3 skaters)

In this distribution it is possible for the best girl to take home both the Female and Pro / Am. The sum is higher than what a guy can get.

Best Trick Live Jam
Rules: When band plays song, a best trick jam is on. Skaters have to sign up to skate. There will be a waiting list, Middle and lower parts. Max 5 skaters in each part. Skate one by one during song. Judges select 1 skater/song who gets a prize, like a skate deck, a set of wheels, a T-shirt, etc.

17.30-18.00: Band: Matriarkatet
18.00-18.20: Be Not Content featuring Ormfar
18.30-19.30: Band: Strindberg Som Tortyr + Patrik Arve
19.30-20.30: Band: Side Effects + Patrik Arve
20.30-22.00: Ebbot & The Indigo Children
Glen Matlock from Sex Pistols will guest star.

Other events:

Ants skate school. Welcome to try free! For kids and adults.

Freestyle skateboard clinic. We will be back with times.

Swap Meet: Bring skate stuff u wanna trade or sell. There will be an area for this.