December 21, 2015

Sponsor us!

Interested in sponsoring Bowlstock 2017?

We will hold the event a few weeks later than in 2016,: Aug 18-20th, which will mean that a lot more spectators will be back in town. Also all sponsors are back at work, and can participate more at the event.

Bowlstock is an event by initiated by skateboarders who have been into skateboarding since the ’70’s. The idea is to have a cool, friendly and rad Skateboard/Music Festival and Competitions on a weekend in Stockholm. Everybody is welcome, and the concept is to have something Woodstock-inspired happening with skateboarding and music mixed. We have grown a lot in just two years, and have already managed to bring some of the world’s most legendary skateboarders to Stockholm. We have also had som fantastic bands, mostly Swedish, but how about the bassist from Sex Pistols in 2015? We had around 4000 visitors in the 1 day in 2015. In 2016 Bowlstock was held in 2 days, and we had 5-+6000 visitors. In 2017 we are confident it will grow even more, and right now, we are not sure if it will be a 2-day or 3-day event. (Plan: 2 days).

Regarding sponsors, we are still trying to find a main sponsor, who will pay a larger cost. So the idea is that we have one Gold Sponsor, 3 Silver Sponsors, and 6 Bronze Sponsors, + a roster of sponsors of the type enthusiastic small online shops, skate brands etc, who just give us some items for prizes.

What will the sponsor money be used for: Bands are expensive. The more money we can get, the better bands we can book. To attract the best skaters in the world, we need a lot of prize money. We had one bleecher for 600 people in 2016 (400 in 2015). In 2017 we would like to rent one more 600 person bleecher, and they are expensive (About 40 000 skr/bleacher). We also need logistic things like Toilets, waste bins, waste container rental, security guards, general staff. So far we have not been able to afford to print event banners and flags, this is something we hope to be able to do in 2017. If we get a Gold sponsor for 2017 we will use a part of the money for a live webcast. We will be transparent with our spendings, and we are a non-profit organisation doing this for the love of skateboarding, and to do something positive for our community and Stockholm city.








Sponsor news from 2016:

Breaking news August 2nd: Skater/Musician/Graphic Designer Tero Larsson is sponsoring us with the missing 15 000 skr so that we can book Teddybears!
Tero’s comments:
“Tero Larsson, 52 år boendes i Flen i Södermanland, musikhandläggare/ musiker/grafiker/fotograf/skateboardåkare (mest street nuförtiden). Började skejta redan 1976 och hann med nån vända upp till New Sport t.o.m och har fortsatt skejta i omgångar sedan dess. Har även ideellt varit med om att bygga upp 2:nd Floor Skatevåning i Hälleforsnäs, samt varit den drivande kraften bakom skateparken som ska byggas i Flen snart. Så när det hängde på en nätt liten summa så Bowlstock kunde boka Teddybears, så var det inget snack om saken; Istället för att åka till militärdiktaturer som Thailand och Turkiet på en semester så la jag pengarna på Bowlstock istället.”

Breaking news July 28th: Bradkultur X Vans Store are sponsoring us with 10 000 skr.

Breaking news July 15th: are sponsoring us with 10 000 skr.

Breaking news June 15th: are sponsoring us with 10 000 skr.

Breaking news April 20th: Veidekke Bostad are sponsoring us with 50 000 skr.

Breaking News March 10 2016: MARSHALL ARE BACKING US ONCE AGAIN!
Our sponsor Guru, Mattias Wiberg has gotten an affirmative reply from Marshall. They are bringing the same full packed and gig ready stage as in ’15, and will also support us with funds for bands and artists, as well as for other stuff. The details are not penned out yet. But basically, Marshall’s focus will be around the sound stage, and we still have room for other large sponsors. It is not clear if Marshall are main sponsor yet, and Marshall will not do branding of the surrounding area, so there is still room for sponsors who are interested in reaching a large crowd of active, social, fun and cool people. Our estimations for visitors is much higher than last year’s 4 000. Most likely 2 to 3 times that.

Stockholm Stad are helping us with the costs for bringing Betongcupen in as a collaborator for 2016.

We are aiming high for Bowlstock 2016.

Bowlstock 2016 will be a huge event, and we know already it will draw large crowds and be a highly media profiled event, as well as in social media. We are on our second year, and are still inexpensive compared to other similar events. So book your sponsorship now!

Get prepared for a skate event which could be one of the most epic in Europe for the summer of 16.

Sponsors and skateboard/other companies which want to exhibit at Bowlstock, might as well start discussing with us now about where you want your tent/event site to be, etcetera.

What will the sponsorship money your company pay be used for:

First we want to state that the organizers all work voluntarily, for the love of skateboarding.
• Prize money for skaters, we aim high here to bring in top skaters from all over the world.
• Artists and bands.
• Pay flights for top skateboard pros
• Rental of infrastructure like: Bleechers (läktare), Portaloos (Bajamajor), Tents, chairs, tables
• Night guards at the venue as well as in the school gym where there will be sleepover for artists and skaters
• Security at the venue Saturday efternoon, late evening (The BIG day)
• Food and drinks for all volunteer staff
Regarding corporate sponsors, we are aiming for:

1 main sponsor, 2 co-sponsors, as well as around 5 supportive sponsors, which all pitch in with cash money for skater competition prize purse as well as money for the bands. We are aiming high, since Bowlstock 2014 was a success, we firmly believe Bowlstock 2016 will be huge.


Above is a graphic over the Bowlstock area at Highvalley Skatepark form Matte Wiberg’s Company Visual ID

If you feel like sponsoring Bowlstock 2016 is interesting for your company, contact Matte Wiberg.

If you want to exhibit with a tent or something similar, contact David Hall

Here is a pic from 2015 to give you a hint of how cool and fun the vibe was:


Photo: Anders Bjurta Björnlund